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Share soure power calibration with two CAL ALL

Question asked by mikejvir- on Aug 28, 2020
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Hello All,


I have a 2 port PNA-X (N5244B) in a  test stand were I am testing multiport devices.  I have two paths,  J1 to J3 and J1 to J4.  There are switches in the test stand that will automate the changing.   Both paths need to measure the same parameters,  small signal S-parameters,  saturated output power, gain compression (via Gain compression Measurement) and harmonics (via Spectrum Analyzer).  I will set up 4 channels and do a CAL ALL.  There is a source and receiver calibration being done during the CAL ALL.


Port 1 is common to each path measurement.  To reduce calibration time and wear on the cable connectors  is there any way to share the source calibration to the second path CAL ALL?


The help file implies this could be done but I could be misreading it.  I also will need to do this via software.


Thanks for your help.


Michael J. Virostko