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Impedance Analysis marker in E5061B-005 VNA

Question asked by on Aug 19, 2020

I’m having some difficulties in using SCPI commands to control my E5061B- 005 VNA.

Most of the commands does work except this particular 2 command behave differently.


I’m setting impedance analysis in my VNA with Port 1-2 Series.



Then I’m selecting |Z| parameter using below command.



When I enquire using SCPI Command it shows the above 2 is correctly set. The problem that I have is actually the screen on the VNA doesn’t change to show we are in this mode.

The reason I require the screen to change is because I’m reading the value using the marker.


If I’m doing measurement using S11, S21, S12 & S22. The screen able to change accordingly so I’m able to read the values from the marker.

 How can I activate the VNA window to show impedance analysis using SCPI command.