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Power Supply Noise Measurement

Question asked by harioyyoth on Aug 19, 2020

Dear Team,


I need to measure the noise coming from a DC power supply (N6705 DC Power Analyzer) which is given as an input to the Comparator Present in my ASIC.

The voltage range will be from 500mv to 700mv.

My oscilloscope(Keysight,MSO-X 4054A) have AC RMS measurement capability.

I will be following the below procedure.

I will connect the DC power supply output to oscilloscope-->Set Coupling to AC--->set Amplitude level to 10mV/Division or low-->Then I will turn on AC RMS Measurement Button.

I will be using the active probe N7020A from Keysight.

I have a few questions regarding this.

Do I need to use Peak to Peak for Noise measurement?

If I enable DC Coupling will I get the proper noise measurement?

May I know using active probes is an option for good noise measurement?