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ENA can not find USB power sensor U2002

Question asked by GT32 on Aug 19, 2020

We have a E5071C (B.13.10).   We have two USB Pwr Sensors (U2002A H26).   When I plug the sensor in to the USB port on the ENA, the ENA can see one (System\Misc Setup\Power Meter Setup\USB = U2002A) of the sensors but not the other (System\Misc Setup\Power Meter Setup\USB = "No Devices").    I have switched the cable (sensor to USB) and get the same results.   Moved the sensor to different USB ports on the ENA and got same results.  The power sensor LED behavior is the same for BOTH sensors (upon connecting to the ENA get 3 green blinks then off for ~ 2 sec then solid Red for ~ 15 sec) but one shows as connected on the ENA while the other always shows "No Devices" in the menu indicated above.   One more data point:  when I connect the ENA Undetected U2002A to our MXG it finds it and reports USB Power Sensor MY51####### connected.

Any ideas?    BTW I also did Inst Preset on the ENA and it still did not find one of the U2002A pwr sensors.

Thanks in advance for the help/guidance.


Additional info:  Both U2002A power sensors show up in Device Manager on the ENA as being connected and "working properly".   Both show same Driver Provider (IVI), Date(3/3/2011), Version (16.0.14518.0).


PROBLEM SOLVED!   I upgraded the ENA firmware to the latest version (B14.14) for our Win 7 machine and now everything works fine.   Hope this helps someone else.