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Can Active Hot Parameters extract a small/compact X-parameter model of the DUT?

Question asked by TumiEEngineering on Aug 10, 2020

Just testing out the Active Hot Parameters software within a PNA-X on a Minicircuits 2.5GHz amp.


It was assumed that because Active Hot Parameters is a subset of X-parameter measurements that a compact model can be extracted. Now I pulled the data via *.xnp file, but I am stuck. Is this a fair assumption?


I used an external DC to power it, so this data is not able to be extracted. But I did do a frequency and power sweep with a single trigger. I saved the output file as a *.csv, *.mdif, and *.xnp. I then imported the xnp file into a x2p in ADS with terms on both ports. Ran a X-parameters simulation, but I keep getting errors when simulating.