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Perform IL only by N7700a IL/PDL engine

Question asked by KrutDing on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2020 by KrutDing

Hi, my test system is now using IL/PDL engine (call by labview) to gather the TE/TM sweep data.

In some cases, I need only IL spectrum and wanna decrease the testing time.

It sweeps four times for Mueller matrix, but one for IL only.


Question 1:

Can I perform IL only measure and keep 816x-->N7786-->N7745 hardware setup?

According to IL engine manual, I should change hardware setup to 8164b--->N7745.

But my boss don't want to plug and unplug BNC trigger cable frequently.


Question 2:

I also tried performing IL sweep by calling IL engine with 8164b--->N7745 setup.

The IL measurement (method StartMeasurement) works good.

But I can not perform reference.

Method StartReference is no function, I see nothing changed on panel of 8164b mainframe. 

Then I tried reference in IL engine client, and it works normal.

There is no further instruction about this in engine user's guide.

Code below is what I used to perform reference, path of config. is correct.


# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Python 3.5  import time import win32com.client # requires "pip install pypiwin32" import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # requires "pip install matplotlib" import numpy  #Settings configuration = "C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\\ Photonic Application Suite\\AgEngineIL.agconfig"  EngineMgr = win32com.client.Dispatch("AgServerIL.EngineMgr") Engine = EngineMgr.NewEngine() Engine.LoadConfiguration(configuration) Engine.Activate() activating = 0 while activating == 0:     time.sleep(0.5)      activating = Engine.Active  Engine.StartReference([0,6]) busy = 1 k=1 while busy == 1 and k < 99:     k+=1     time.sleep(0.1)     busy = Engine.Busy  Engine.Deactivate del Engine del EngineMgr