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How can program get MarkerName & Value from Trace on N5242A?

Question asked by diego2000 on Jan 26, 2011
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How can the SCPI program get the Marker Name and Value from "Trace n" on a N5242A ?

1.  I'm trying to get Names and Y Values of Markers on the PNA.
2.  The PNA has been set by hand to 10 Windows in a Random order.
3.  There are 8 Markers for each Window.
4.  All Measurements are for Channel 1 only.

5.  I can get the Marker Names by Window Number with:

6.  I can get the Marker Values by Measurement Number with:

7.  The problem is that the Window Numbering is NOT in order. It could be Window1, Window8, Window3, etc...
     and therefore, The Names don't match the values.

8.  My final question would be:
     IF the SCPI program is inside a FOR loop,
     what command would I use to find out the Window Number
     I'm currently in?

thank you very much for your help,