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DC Analysis

Question asked by ZekDe on Jul 28, 2020

Hi,I am a bit new in ADS and I would like to manage simulate.
I added the ODB++ file in ADS and open the SIPro/PIPro and I have 6 mosfet to drive 3 phase BLDC motor.
So my question is that
1. I defined High Voltage for supply the motor 
VRMs -> HV_LINK is + and GND is -

2.Sink -> Q1( high side Mosfet) -> HV_LINK is + and NetC48_1 is - 
now at that point ,there is a problem because for hisgh side mosfet there is no GND and I can't simulate.How do you guys complete the simulation needs.As it seen below.As a simpe I want to simulate the current through Q4 to Q5.