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ADS doesn't detect correct partition size for installation

Question asked by simozz on Jul 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by Ethan.Plumb



I am trying to install ADS on my Linux OS on a /opt/ partition which has enough space to host ADS installation:


Filesystem      Size      Used      Avail      Mounted
/dev/sda8       595G      111G      455G       /opt


but ADS does not detect the correct partition available size:




But this is size of the rootfs / partition :


$ df -B 1 / | awk '{print $1,"\t",$2,"\t",$3,"\t",$4,"\t",$6}'
Filesystem      1B-blocks        Used             Available       Mounted
/dev/sda1       24472535040      15765577728      7440228352      /


Could someone please suggest how to fix this issue ?