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6612C CV/CC

Question asked by eduaqa on Jul 22, 2020

I appreciate if somebody can explain me the concept/behavior of CV/CC on a 6612C, sorry for the dummy question.

Let me put an example: Let say that I Vset = 12V and Iset=20mA, now let say that I connect a LED on the output without any resistor.

What will happens? will the power supply drop the voltage and keep the amp and not burn the LED or it will keep the voltage at 12V and burn the LED?

Is it possible charge a battery with the 6612C? for example let say Lithium battery that is 3.7V and 3400mAH, to charge it the expect is: keep the Amp on 1700mA until it reach 4.2V, and then start dropping the Amp until reach near 0, so if I set V=4.2 and I=1.7A, what will happens? Will the power supply keep 1.7A and start increasing the voltage until reach 4.2V and than keep voltage constant and start dropping the A until reach near 0A?