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82350C vs 82350B

Question asked by roxletst on Jul 15, 2020

Hello, I hope this is the correct forum section to ask about GPIB interfaces.

I have a new 82350C card that I'm trying to use in a XP PC. I've installed Connection Expert v.16.3 Update 2 along with i82350C drivers as suggested in another post, and after that I installed the 82350C card. At first it was recognized correctly, but after a reboot, the card no longer appears in Device Manager nor in Connection Expert. I tried another PCI port, updating BIOS, changing IRQ settings, another 82350C card to no avail.

As a last resort I swapped with a 82350B card I borrowed from another department's instrument PC and, lo and behold, both cards appear and work perfectly.

There are any differences in B and C revisions that would explain this? How can I get the C card to work in my PC? Thank you,