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Getting query unterminated error when connecting U2055XA sensor to N1914A FW A.01.19

Question asked by jimbo Employee on Jul 10, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2020 by uWHarry


When I connect U2055XA sensor to N1914A FW A2.01.09, LED light goes to green but power meter shows query unterminated error similar to this fix for U2044XA and does not update display with readings.


Release A.01.15 (15 Feb 2017)


- Keysight rebranding

- Bug fix on *OPT? and SERV:OPT?.

- Bug fix for query unterminated error occurring on connection of U2044XA and U2042XA.

- Bug fix for meter entering RMT mode upon HP848x sensor connection; when the Command Set is in HP437B mode.