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Optical Input as Trigger for 86100D DCA-X

Question asked by Lennosh on Jun 25, 2020

Hello community!


I would like to use an optical signal as trigger input for the 86100D DCA-X, but I'm worried about internal delays of the triggering signal.

So, the basic idea is to use a pulsed laser at 100MHz rep. rate and split the puls in two (splitting ratios does not matter). Use one of the pulses for the actual measurement, while the other one should be used as the trigger input. We have some fast diodes which transform the optical signal into an electrical signal which complies with the voltage range allowed by the front panel input of the 86100 DCA-X. This should not pose any problems.

But I am worried that the internal processing of the trigger signal takes too long (some tens of ns?) such that I will miss the signal from my DUT.

Has anyone experience with this issue? Is there any way to introduce a additional delay between trigger and signal, such that I would trigger for the next pulse?


The other option is to create an optical delay of the measurement signal (add an appropiate length of fiber). But I would like to avoid that for some obvious reasons (dispersion of the pulse, additional loss,..).


Any comments, ideas or hints are welcome!

Best, Lennart