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Request for detailed instructions on configuring an External DC Meter on VNA

Question asked by ChrisSight on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by daras

Hi everyone, I believe I have a simple question but I can't seem to figure it out. 

I'm using a PNA (N5245A Firmware A10.65.08) and would like the set up triggered sweeps as a trace with a DMM from Keysight (34461A). My specific need is for voltage measurements to be taken very quickly at each point of a VNA sweep. To help with the speed the range can be kept static and I don't need more than a mV of accuracy. 


I've been looking at the help files, documentation, and other questions like below so I'm sorry for a duplicate, albeit I'm a bit more lost than this person:

Current measurements using current probe and external DMM 


What I can do is connect the VNA to the DMM using the External Device Configuration Wizard:



But the command editing I'm having some issues with, for the global tab in the Enable I/O section should I be inputting semicolons between each line? Or is having a one command per line good enough? I'm also doing a trig count of 201 because my sweep consists of that many points but is a trig count even necessary for this? What should go into this section? 


For the Sweep tab I'm not sure if I should be putting "Fetch?" or a read command in the After Sweep section. Mainly because of what can happen in the Point tab see right after the figure below.


An interesting feature of the Point tab is that it seems this section's command input doesn't require a question mark as a suffix/query identifier, as it will add one for you, (there are just some interesting nuances that are also causing me to write this). I'm not sure if this is what I want as opposed to fetching all of the data once the sweep is done. (I was considering this because of the question I linked at the beginning of this post.)



After the configuration wizard I head to the Trigger Wizard:

I've physically have connected the trigger in and out of the VNA to the DMM and would like to use the per point functionality along with the handshake. But I get an interesting phenomenon where the handshake option becomes disabled after setting a single sweep. 

I suppose ideally I'm looking for answers to the questions but also even a working XML file of the device configuration that I can load in. I'd love for an as detailed as possible DMM setup commands to slot into the control IO in the DC meter configuration wizard.


Thank you to all who take the time to read this.