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Slow selection of arbitrary waveforms on a 33622a.

Question asked by tjcarroll on Jun 24, 2020



We're using a Trueform 33622a that is updated to the latest firmware. (Updating the firmware did not solve our issue.)


We typically load more than 200 arbitrary waveforms over USB, which works fine. Our current waveforms are 11,203 samples each.


We are looping through the waveforms, successively selecting each waveform. The selection operation is quick up until the 326th waveform. All subsequent waveforms are much slower to select (by at least a factor of 10, and likely more). This is an issue for us as it dramatically slows down our data collection.


We are doing all of this from C# code, however we can replicate the issue from the front panel. Once the waveforms are loaded in memory, we can manually select from the front panel. Again, any waveform past the 326th is very slow to select and only appears on the output after a visible pause.


I'm hoping that we're doing something wrong -- any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.