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USB to 5071C, remote setup and ecal from Excel

Question asked by snibblett on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2011 by snibblett
I have searched quite extensively for some example of someone having done this before now. To my suprise it doesn't seem to be a very common scenario.
My experiment goals are to connect directly to 5071C from laptop using only USB connection, mainly because GPIB is much slower due to the file sizes involved.

Within the Excel (2010) file, the primary functions that are required for the experiment are:
1) setup a register with stimulus settings (from cells on the sheet)
2) initiate a 2-port ecal of new register
3) upload the register calibration errorterms to excel sheet
4) (after manipulation of some values in excel) send calibration errorterms from excel sheet back to register
5) re-save register

The motivation behind this is to reduce the amount of "hands-on" required when doing experimental calculations, such as de-embedding fixtures and such.
Currently I need to use a USB stick to move S2P files when needed, but moving errorterm files is not possible that way.

My programming skills are a bit rusty, but I am able follow along in VB pretty easily, researching anything not immediately familiar.

I heartfully thank whomever has a helpful comment or has some experience to shine on this subject!