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on-wafer source power and receiver calibration

Question asked by TY on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by daras

Thanks for your help in Source / Receiver CAL, where the Power meter cannot be directly connected to the REF ports.

Here are my questions.


1) on-wafer source power CAL


1-a)  Recommended to do Source Power CAL @ 0 dBm (@ coaxial REF, Power meter), first.

Is this still better, instead of using the Calibration Input Power?

I have 3 different Input Powers used for 2-port CAL later.


1-b) On-wafer source power CAL

I build the power table with Power loss @ Coax REF + RF probe loss.

Then, intend to do Source Power CAL at Probe Tip in the air, using the defined power table.


The same question as in 1-a).  Should I used 0 dBm during Source power CAL? 


2) on-wafer receiver CAL

My on-wafer THRU is a long, angled THRU.

The "offset loss" in the receiver CAL interface is only a single number?

If the THRU loss is relatively large, and freq. dependent, how can I specify the offset loss?

Or is there any better way to do this?  


3) 2-port (S-parameter) Calibration with various input power

Instead of doing 3 separate 2-port CALs, can I get this in one step?

The freq. ranges & IFBW are the same for all, except for the input power.


Thanks for your help in advance.