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How to acces Via definition in an AEL file

Question asked by IronLeaves on Jun 10, 2020

Dear all,


I try to optimize a footprint for a SMP connector. I found it to be a good chance to dig into the AEL language and try to create the (so far not yet parametrized) footprint by AEL. Unfortunately I have some issues with vias.


Since I have no license for the "Via-Designer", I defined some vias under "Options -> Technology -> Via-Definition. How do I need to access them by AEL? If I use the "db_create_custom_via()" function, I get the error "Via definition "xyz" not found".

The workaround by drawing the vias on my self-defined layer "via_cond_to_cond2" (defined in the layer setup, #39, referenced in the stack-up) does not work. It displays the vias on the layout and in the 3D visualization but they are not present in the EM-simulation (they seem to be considered as OPEN).


Thanks a lot for your advices!

Best regards,



PS: I attached an archive of my ADS2017.1 workspace.