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Problem with Intuilink and 8712ES

Question asked by tonyk on Mar 27, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2011 by odanzy

I have an HP 8712ES Analyzer and I am trying to extract data etc. via Intuilink to MS Excel.

Intuilink VNA lists my analyzer as a supported device.

I have successfully installed the Excel add-on toolbar, and I have downloaded and installed the latest version of the Agilent I/O libraries.

The connection is made via the LAN. I can add the IP address of the analyzer and this is recognised when I use 'Identify Instrument' as HP8712E Network Analyzer.

I then try a 'Test Connection' and if the 'socket' radio button is selected, the connection is successfully opened as TCPIPO:: SOCKET and if I Identify the Instrument it is recognised together with its correct serial number.

However, I believe I now need to add a driver? Is this correct. The only driver I can find is a Vxi driver which I downloaded and installed successfully, but I cannot find a way to load this into the 'Installed Drivers' tab - which I think may be the problem.

I have also looked for an SCPI driver, but cannot find one suitable for my instrument on the Agilent site.

Intuilink toolbar shows the TCPIPO address, but cannot identify the instrument and shows the error 'failed to connect'

Can anyone please advise how to proceed from here?

Maybe there is a procedure to follow somewhere which I have missed - and perhaps someone can direct me to it?

I also have a second additional question - can Intuilink be used successfully with a Prologix USB/HPIB adaptor and how do I go about that?

Many thanks in advance