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Hspice usage of TI component model for transient simulation in ADS

Question asked by aguntuk on Jun 9, 2020


I m having problem to use hspice file of a TI repeater in ADS. The model file can be found in this link. The component is SN75LVCP601. The models include .hsp, .rlgc and few .inc files, means encrypted possibly.


I tried the Hspice compatibility wizard to import the .hsp file. I got the desired pins from there. When I tried simple transient simulation, the simulator says: Encrypted HSPICE blocks are note supported (for .inc file). This .inc file is not readable also.


I tried to import from schematic file option as Hspice netlist import to ADS schemaic but it is saying also that after some line it cannot translate to IFF output format as it does not recognize that line in the .inc file.


Is there any simpler or better way to use that component hspice model in ADS? any help is very much appreciated.