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How to identify which index belongs to which noise contributor when simulating noise?

Question asked by LB on Jun 5, 2020


I'm simulating a circuit that has a few noise contributors. After running an S-parameter simulation, I can display SP.port2.NC.vnc and in a table where I see all noise contributors and their indexes.

When sweeping some parameters in the circuit, the noise contributors change their indexes as their noise voltage values change. Is there a way to know the index of a particular contributor so that an equation could perform some numerical analysis on its output noise voltage?


Simplified example:

Index Sp2.port2.NC.vnc

0       1nV                             _total

1        0.867nV                       AMP1

2       0.5nV                            AMP2


Sometimes AMP1 and AMP2 switch places. I'd like to be able to tell when that happens and be able to always know the index for AMP1, for example.


Thank you