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ADC is in overrange error on M9710A

Question asked by alanteruya on May 26, 2020

I’ve been having an issue reading out an M9710A in a two-slot AXIe chassis.  I am using a 200 mV peak-to-peak sine wave test signal, and I found that I get an error if the range or offset are set so that part of the sine wave is outside of the covered range.  I get error -1074118643 and the error message “AgMD2:  ADC is in overrange, acquisition data is invalid.  Record #0 have samples overranged, disable Error On Overrange Enabled for forcing readout.”  Using the low-level LabVIEW vi “Set Attribute Vi Boolean” I set the attribute “ERROR_ON_OVERRANGE_ENABLED” boolean to FALSE, but I am still getting the error.  In the Help for this attribute the only Supported Model listed is an U5310A.  Can this attribute also be used on an M9710A?  Also, how about an M9703B and M9709A?  If it isn’t supported, is there another way to disable the overrange error?  I need to be able to read out the waveform regardless of whether some of it is out of range.