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How to set and simulate results for wideband IIP3 Measurements ?

Question asked by Mallik_Dvg on May 18, 2020

       I have designed wide band LNA from 13 to 16 GHz using Keysight Technology ADS. I have achieved gain, NF, input and output return losses, isolation losses. 

      Now I would like to simulate Third Order Input Intercept (IIP3) from 13 to 16 GHz using Keysight Technologies ADS and I inserted HB2 Two Tone Swept pwr in the schematic window. I know how to set single frequency and get IIP3. But I don't  know how to set frequency from 13 to 16 GHz and simulate IIP3. Please guide me how to set frequency 13 to 16 GHz in HB2 Two Tone Swept Power and measure IIP3 for 13 to 16 GHz.