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Saving in VEE using Direct I/O

Question asked by Alvarez001 on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2020 by Stan Bischof

I am using the Direct I/O object to control E5071C VNA in VEE. All the commands that I am using in the Direct I/O object come from the VNA user manual. I am trying to perform a frequency sweep on s21 and have all the data saved in an SNP file so that I could analyze the data. So far I have been successful in declaring my start/stop frequency, trace, and parameter that I want to be measured on the VNA. The part that I am not able to produce is the SNP file that has the frequency and s21 data saved. I have defined 2 command lines in the Direct I/O object to try and save the SNP files:



%% Determines a file type in touchstone file format and specifies a port


%% Saves measurement data in touchstone format


Is this the correct way to save such data and produce the SNP files that I want to generate? Or am I missing some command lines needed to execute such a command. I have included 2 pictures that show all the command lines for my program that I am using in the Direct I/O object and another that explains what each line does.