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Mapping Magnetic Field in ADS and EmPro

Question asked by andypandy on May 23, 2020

Hi Everyone,


I am hoping someone experience with ADS and EMpro could advise me. I am chemistry Professor and my group will be building some highly resonant coils/sensors and then we need to map their magnetic field accurately. Clearly ADS and EmPro are amazing for S parameters, and the tuning feature in ADS just blows my mind, it is exactly what we need.


However, I am struggling with the magnetic flux mapping. In the past I have been using stand alone solutions for FEM simulations but I would really love it if everything good be done in Keysight as it would make training my students so much easier (we are chemists and not engineers, so this is all very new to us).

I am struggling to find how to properly display the magnetic field strength with distance in ADS and EmPro in sufficient resolution and detail. I have attached a summary of the problems we cannot solve. The 2 main problems are; the FEM grids seems to be very biased towards the metal surfaces and the air around the coil (i.e. area where magnetic field penetrates is not as-well modeled). I need simple contours in definable relative % that can be used to map how far the magnetic field lines penetrate.  


Note I am a novice with this software but played for a few days before asking for advice.


I guess what I need to know is A or B

  1. ADS/EmPro as so tailored towards electronics they are not going to work well for magnetic near field mapping.


  1. Yes it will work fine you need to do X/Y/Z


Thanks so much for your time and input, I really really appreciate it. Cheers,