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Why negative voltage with zero amps? (E3600)

Question asked by cmains on May 18, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2020 by Tardz

I have several E3600 series power supplies that, when current is set to zero, the output voltage changes to a fixed negative value -- something like -0.207V or -0.170V. It doesn't matter what the voltage is actually set to. This value is indicated on the display and the same is measured on a multimeter. Obviously unexpected and undesirable.


Reading the manuals (such as E3634-90001, page 72), I read "When the output of the power supply is turned off, it is implemented by setting the output to 0 volts and 0.02 amps." Curious for me to read 0.02 amps and not 0 amps. Like 0 amps is to be avoided. If the reason is related to the problem I'm experiencing, then I can see why.


Can anyone explain what's going on here? Is this "normal" for these power supplies?