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HP 85032A Definitions (or equivalence to HP 85032B?)

Question asked by wb0gaz. on May 2, 2020
Latest reply on May 5, 2020 by wb0gaz.

I am looking for cal standard definition data for the HP 85032A (not 85032B/E) (N-type, 50-ohm) calibration kit.


My HP 8753 analyzer has among the cal kit selections 85032 (without A, B or E or any other letter), so I am not sure if this implies that the 85032A can be used with the 8753's inbuilt cal standard definition data for N-type 50 ohm.


The 85032A manual PDF from Keysight (85032-90001) does not include cal standard definition data, and VNAHelp Cal Kit Manager 2.1 does not have this cal kit in it's list of .CKM files. The male and female shorts outwardly appear to be the same as the corresponding parts in the 85032B (however, the short part numbers for the 85032A are 11511A and 11512A, vs 85032-60008 and 85032-60009). The 85032B cal standard definition data is printed in 85032-90020 manual dated 2002, but not in the version currently at Keysight (same manual number, but refers to 85032B/E), which points you to which for this need is not helpful (it just tells you the 85032B/E definitions are in the 8753 firmware.)


Thank you for any advice,