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Zoom to Max/Min Command from Infiniium GUI?

Question asked by asatar on May 8, 2020
Latest reply on May 8, 2020 by pat_white

EDIT: I just found one place the GUI indicates the feature for the measurement. Right click the measurement in the result area:




I'd like to be able to identify in which measurements support "zoom to min/max." After a little experimentation, it seems that measurements that support this feature execute successfully, whereas the ones that don't, throw query undefined/undefined header errors.


I've tried using this command on an Edge-Edge measurement and a Setup measurement (both are measure all edges measurements). It works for the Setup measurement, but not the Edge-Edge. Here's the debug log. MEAS2 is the Edge-Edge measurement; MEAS1 is the Setup measurement. 


< 1$
?                         ^
? -113, Undefined header
? ^
? -420, Query UNTERMINATED


The programming guide says to check the front panel user interface, but I can't find any indication within the software or on the physical front panel of the scope.