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I got an error/a problem when I import the design kit into the ADS2017

Question asked by Georgejnas on Apr 27, 2020
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Hello, rencently,I‘ve got a problem .I have tried many ways but still I can't fix it.      

I have obtained the TSMC 18rf deisgn kit file and intend to use the TSMC 18rf process library in ads2017. And here is my detailed operation process:


① I select the. Defs file to import the process library file through“ designkits - > Manage favorite design kits - > add library definition file. As shown in Figure 1.      

② In Figure 2 ,here is my steps:file - > New - > workspace creates a new project, and file - > New - > schematic creates a new schematic diagram .

Design kits - > Manage favorite design kits select tsmc18rf's in current workspace .As shown in Figure 3.    

④ In the new schematic file, the tsmc18rf process library is called to draw the schematic diagram, as shown in Figure 4.

⑤ After all these,I click simulate and an error show up just like what you see in Figure 5.


Now I'm seeking for help to solve this problem.
        thank you!