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34980A Multifunction Switch/Measure Unit and Java

Question asked by thlavacek on Apr 16, 2020
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We have a 34980A unit on a production PC which requires Java to view and configure the multiplexer switch through a web browser. The unit was updated sometime in the past, and when we try accessing the instrument's "Browser Web Control" page, we got an error. 


   Unsupported major.minor, version 52.0


That error told us that the Browser Web Control applet required a Java Runtime/JDK 8 (I assume that was because the unit had the new applet compiled on Java 8), and the PC had JRE 7.  The solution based on research online said we had to upgrade our JRE (downgrading wasn't an option).  So we did that and thought that upgrading the Java runtime on the PC to JRE8 would be the end of it.


It wasn't.  


Loading the Browser Web Control on IE11 caused the browser to hang and not do anything. I checked with this post here: Java permissions problem for 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit  and that didn't help.  


Are there any other possible steps towards a resolution that we can look into to load up the web interface?  Rolling back to JRE7 isn't an option because of the unsupported major.minor version 52.0 error when JRE7 was the selected JRE. I have wondered why this web control was not in an executable instead of an applet.