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ESA Series E4402B Spectrum Analyzer Command Sets for BenchVue / Command Expert?

Question asked by pdownen on Apr 11, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2020 by pdownen

Hi everyone!


I am looking for a way to automate instrument control (over GPIB) of my "new" E4402B Spectrum Analyzer picked up at an online auction. It is in the Agilent ESA Series of Spectrum Analyzers. Does anyone know of any E440xB / ESA-Series "Command Sets" exist for use with the "Command Expert" or BenchVue software?


If not, are there any other older / deprecated Software Solutions out there that I can use to get to know this instrument's automation capabilities?  (I am writing Python 3.x code using the pyvisa library and having initial success, but would like a more off-the-shelf-solution if one is available instead of re-inventing the wheel for each command and response I want to explore.)

Thanks for any help or suggestions you may offer!


Phil Downen