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2GFSK and OQPSK Modulated Signal analysis in N9918A

Question asked by Sagarmistry059 on Apr 10, 2020
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Dear Sir,

Recently we have purchased Keysight N9918A Field Fox Handheld Microwave analyzer up to 26.5GHz.

We have purchased the following options with N9918A.


-112 QuickCal
-210 Vector network analyzer transmission/ reflection
-211 Vector network analyzer full 2-port S-parameters
-215 TDR Cable Measurements


I need to utilize the 30-day free license trail of my N9918A device for the below 2 measurements using Spectrum enable option and 89600 VSA Software support.

  • EVM and Constellation diagram  Measurement analysis of 2GFSK signal
  • EVM and Constellation diagram  Measurement analysis of OQPSK signal 


I will generate 2GFSK and OQPSK signals from my inhouse Agilent E4433B with the below parameter.

As I know the importance of the Free 30 Day Trial of N9918A Device, It's a golden opportunity for me and does not want to waste it.

Till now I have no idea regarding the EVM Measurement above signals.


I need to measure EVM of the signal in N9918A just like this as shown in the below image.

It is only for OQPSK Signal.


It will be a great help if someone guides me regarding the EVM measurement process and corresponding configurations in N9918A.

So that I can utilize my 30 Day free trial.


Thanks and Regards,

Sagar Mistry,