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Any advice how to create s2p-component which is ready for emCosim

Question asked by dee3mon on Apr 5, 2020

Hello all.

I'd like to understand how create component, which can be used in EM-Cosimulation using emCosim. I'm working in ADS2020upd1.

I've made these steps, but with no success:

1. I have some s2p-file. I create component cell with schematic, symbol and layout view.

2. In this component I set, in Customie PCell - Use this layout, and in EM/Circuit Partitioning set "circuit - using port from placed layout"

3. Than I place this component in other schematic. Layout generation was success.

4. Then preparing emSetup and emCosim, but emCosimulation results were like there is no s-parameters used in component, only metal pads.


I,ve tried referencing artwork from other cell, but with no success either.

Examples within ADS using built-components, there is no tutorial for my case.

Is there any rules how to make this components?