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MBP Exit/Lock Problems

Question asked by ICu on Mar 22, 2020


I am using MBP 2019 for device modelling and have faced with couple of weird problems. One of them is, I can't exit. When I try to exit by clicking cross sign in the up-right corner of the window, it asks whether I will save the project or not. Whatever I choose, it doesn't close.

I also went through File>Exit, again it asks saving or not and it doesn't close. I close it by force using Task Manager.

Plus, everytime I open it, it puts a lock to the project which deosn't allow you to open the same project next time.

I couldn't find that much sources about MBP on the net which could help me to solve these problems.

If anyone of you guys have faced with these kind of problems and know how to solve it, I appreciate your help.