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Help modifying definition file (to use FTDI device)

Question asked by jpittock on Mar 16, 2020
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I've been trying to import a definition (.h) and DLL file in order to use an FTDI device with VEE but unfortunately I've been getting an invalid expression error when I import the file:



I've tried modifying the header file in accordance with the Advanced Programmers guide, but it would appear my grasp of programming fundamentals isn't sufficient.  I was unable to find an equivalent for 'BOOL' so substituted 'INT' for the data type as I read in one of the Keysight manuals that boolean is of type INT.


I'd be grateful if someone would be able to point out where I've gone wrong in editing the header file, and suggest what I need to change in order to get it to work.  Attached is the original unedited file (ftd2xx_original.h) and my edited version (ftd2xx.h).


Any assistance greatly received (otherwise I might have to use Labview )