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AC6801A USB problem (device not recognized)

Question asked by KD_100 on Mar 18, 2020


I've problem with AC6801A power supply.





When windows 7 (10) is loading device is not detect. (USB problem - code 43).

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43)

Reinstall drivers and other know issues not help.


When I've update device software to A.02.10.0131 (AC6801B) problem with USB is solved but I've another:


Another (after upadte software):

When device power start I've SF protection error.


I must restart device (POWER OFF and POWER ON) then everything is OK.



Is it possible to clear the SF error with any command?

If I do not update the device software, how else can I handle error 0x43?

Please help.