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E36102B Labview Driver Error -108

Question asked by pius.k on Mar 16, 2020
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I'm using a new E36102B power supply and getting error -108 "parameter not allowed" when I'm trying to enable the output with Labview.

I can set the voltage and current limit, also initialize and close is working.

But the "Configure Output" fails all the time.

I can switch the output on manually.


I have installed:

E36xx, E36xxx DC Power Supply IVI and MATLAB Instrument Drivers 

Current Version: | 2019-11-27

E36xx LabVIEW Driver for the Keysight Programmable Power Supplies

Current Version: 1.0.1 | 2019-08-13

also the Keysight IO Libraries Suite is installed, but I'm using NI MAX.


The power supply has the current firmware:

Current Firmware/Software

Release Date:2017-08-28


I was able to set to output on with SCPI command: OUTP ON\n

This would be my only workaround to use directly the SCPI commands for all settings.


The vi which I downloaded uses the function AgE36xx_ConfigureOutputEnabled from the DLL AgE36xx**.dll


Does anyone have the same error, or may be gives me a hint?