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Data Link v6.72 Download Actually is v6.44

Question asked by wreeve on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2020 by am95405

The software downloads for the N9917A show that Data Link v6.72 was posted on 24 February 2020. However, the version that actually downloads is old v6.44. The .msi file in the download is dated 2 August 2019, and it installs as v6.44 not v6.72.


Yes, I uninstalled the current version (v6.52 in my case) before installing the latest download. I also tried installing the latest download on a laptop that never had Data Link on it before, and it also installed as v6.44.


I need v6.72 because previous versions are not compatible with my N9917A, so can someone help me get the correct download? Thanks!