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Major problem with Instrument Control Bundle 9.2019

Question asked by perdrix on Mar 16, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2020 by perdrix

I'm posting here as there doesn't appear to be a forum dedicated to the Keysight IO Libraries Suite (aka Instrument Control Bundle).


The latest version of the Keysight IO Libraries Suite is terminally broken for the 488.2 APIs even though this code should have been stable for decades.


What happens is that when you try enumerate the GPIB adapters using ibfind(), it works for GPIB0 (the 82357B), but when you call it for GPIB1, it runs off into the weeds and the application is eventually terminated with a Stack Overflow.   Running under the debugger, you see many hundreds of errors like this:


>Exception thrown at 0x761E4192 in program.exe: Microsoft C++ exception:

int at memory location 0x00AFE144.


all without returning to the user code.  Eventually this causes the stack overflow which finally terminates the program.

I find it quite incredible that so basic a fault as this could have ever got out of the door, and even had it done so - it should have been fixed in an emergency point release in about 1985 (or whenever version 1.0 of this code was created).   How on earth you manage to insert a bug of this magnitude into a current release is beyond me, and the fact that you have done so says nothing good about the quality of your software development team or their QA processes.


What has become of that which once was HP?   Nothing good it would seem.


David Partridge