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Syncronization for long sequential commands (MMEM:LOAD:CSAR)

Question asked by sergiodibello on Mar 8, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2020 by tsilchia001

Hi Keysight Forum.

I have a PNA-X 5242A.  

I have a question regarding the syncronization when using the "Recall State" command such as MMEM:LOAD.

I always recall a .CSA State (so it includes the CalSet).

I need to know when the Recall is finished.

I read this section in the help :Synchronizing the Analyzer and Controller 

According to this, the MMEM:LOAD command belongs to the "Sequential Commands", so in this case I should use the *OPC? query. 

In case of commands that take very long time (Overlapped Commands) there are other methods (such as *OPC and *ESR?)


My problem is that in some cases the MMEM:LOAD commands take some seconds (between 5 and 10). This happens when I need to perform Pin/Pout measurements. We have sometimes 30 or 40 channels.
First channel is a frequency sweep.
All other channels are CW Power sweeps. 


Then I have the following problems:

1) If I use the *OPC?, i get an error from my controller because the "Read Data" Timeout get expired. 
I know I could increase the timeout but I know this is not the best practice.

2) I can not use the *OPC and *ESR? commands because the MMEM:LOAD commands is not an "overlapped" command. 

The only "solution" I found is to use a wait function, but I know this is not good because I could be too much when not needed or not enough whenever I increase the number of channels. 


Is there any other syncronization solution when a sequential command takes long?


Thanks in advance