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Peak measurement failed

Question asked by V.Klimov on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by noiseguy



i have a L2063XA powersensor and want to mess a peak power. I can mess signal power in not pulsed mode, but for pulsed mode i get always an averaged result. Here is my C# code:


double GetPeakPowerValue()


   double result;




       var peakChannel = (KtRFPowerMeterChannel)_driver.Channels.get_Item("A");

       var peakMeasurement = _driver.Measurements2.get_Item2("2");


       //set INIT:CONT ON

       peakChannel.Trigger.ContinuousEnabled = true;


        //Normalmode select

               peakChannel.SensorMode = KtRFPowerMeterSensorModeEnum.KtRFPowerMeterSensorModeNormal;

         //Averaging disable

         peakChannel.Averaging.Enabled = false;

         peakMeasurement.OffsetEnabled = false;


         result = peakMeasurement.Read(5000);


       int errorNum = -1;

      string errorMsg = null;

      _driver.Utility.ErrorQuery(ref errorNum, ref errorMsg);

      if (errorNum != 0)


            throw new InvalidOperationException("Invalid Operation on PowerSensor.");







   return result;



What must i do more?