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E8358A PNA active trace & command

Question asked by JosephChoi on Jan 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by Dr_joel

always thanks for your help.


previously Im using 5071 ENA series.
but this time i need to implement with E8358A  PNA.


i think this PNA is old model.   E8358A


i always do remote control by C# coding.
this case, i facing several problem in E8358A (PNA) .


1. select active trace.
    in 5071 case, it is simple .  < CALC1:PAR11:SEL> just select Channel 1 and trace 1.
    but PNA case, i can not find how to select active trace. i also check agilent.con site, PNA HELP site. for program.
    but could not found solution. how can i select channel and trace.?


2.getting real + imaginery data from PNA.
   in the past when i using 5071 case. it was easy.
   for example : HW setting tarce 1 format is S11, smith (real + image)
   so in my software could receive all  real + image data.


   but PNA , E8358 case, there are no real + image format.
   it is divided trace. it means , if i want get real + image data then working with each trace ? 


3. also can not find trigger command.
    in 5071 case , just using
            myNa01.WriteString("INIT1", true);
            myNa01.WriteString("TRIG:SING", true);
these commands are not allowed in my PNA.