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PNA-X: How to invert frequency sweep direction between source and receiver

Question asked by GT32 on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2020 by Dr_joel

PNA-X (N5245A).   Measurement type = Mixer (SMC).
My DUT is a microwave frequency converter.  The converter flips (mirrors) the frequency spectrum so I need the PNA receiver (DUT output) to sweep opposite frequency direction to the PNA source (DUT input).    I believe this can be done since I was able to do it on a ENA (E5071C) on a different converter.   
Also have Offset Receiver option (080) if that is a solution.
Any guidance is appreciated.

#Mixer #PNA-X #converter


App Code Ver: A.10.64.03

HD Driver Ver: S.28.03.06

Sys CPU Ver: 6.0

DSP Ver: 5.0

Build: 50.0