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[Success Case] Retimer IBIS-AMI Modeling and Verification with SystemVue and ADS

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Mar 4, 2020

This slides show a success case on Retimer IBIS-AMI Modeling, this project was completed in Nov. 2018, based on SystemVue 2018, Visual Studio 2015 and gcc 5.3.0

ØEvaluation Case

Use SystemVue to create retimer Rx and Tx design and generate C++ code, then compile and build the IBIS-AMI model.

Verify the retimer IBIS-AMI model in ADS channel simulation with channel model.


To build the desired IBIS-AMI model for 6Gbps retimer, where Rx contains CTLE, DFE and CDR, Tx contains CTLE


Note: The latest version of SystemVue is 2020, the corresponding c++ compiler please use Visual Studio 2017, and gcc 5.3.0 or later with binutils version not less than 2.6.