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Matlab Simulink and SystemVue Cosimulation for Fixed-Point IP Verification

Question asked by Lei_Yue Employee on Mar 4, 2020

This slides show a co-simulation solution between SystemVue and Matlab Simulink.



To build the co-simulation flow between SystemVue and Simulink


Note: In view of IP protection, the co-simulation flows in this slides has been simplified, removing the content of the NB-IoT design. The NB-IoT signal source is generated in SystemVue, and the signal processing is completed with the fixed-point synopsis IP integrated in Simulink, finally the system performance verification is completed with NB-IoT reference receiver in SystemVue.



  • SystemVue has rich wireless communication system and radar system verification libraries for electronic system level simulation, and the flexible and open interface for the 3rd-party tools (Matlab, C++, C#, etc.). All these are helpful to do algorithm and system performance verification.
  • User can use two solutions for SystemVue and Simulink to do co-simulation, however, SystemVue’s Matlab_Script model (use retail Matlab version) does not support Simulink uses fixed-point data type, thus, user can use Matlab to invoke SystemVue and run Simulink to complete the co-simulation.
  • Some useful tips about SystemVue using are listed in this slides.
  • User can expand this co-simulation platform and flow for their practical design.