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How to simulate correct conductor losses?

Question asked by singht on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by singht

Let us say we have a round piece of straight copper wire 100mm long and 1mm diameter. With a copper resistivity of about 1.7e-8 Ωm.


At a frequency of DC, 10KHz, 10MHz, 100MHz.

The wire is supposed to have approx. resistance of 2, 2, 27, 82 All in milliΩ


I use EMPro FEM simulation to find the resistance. I tried material settings entry method –


Normal with surface conductivity correction

Surface resistance.


None of the entry method can gives correct answer.


How can I get correct answers in FEM simulations?


I was expecting at least material settings entry method, Surface resistance to give correct results.


What numbers are needed to correctly setup material settings entry method, Surface resistance?

Do I need to change these numbers for each frequency?