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N9912A Options to Discover Interference

Question asked by jpbledsoe001 on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2020 by am95405

Keysight support,


I'd like to use a FieldFox to determine if a church's wireless microphone dropouts are caused by interference. The dropouts are intermittent, only happening about an average of once every hour of microphone usage.


This has been ongoing for several months and I believe the AV guys have exhausted all the ideas suggested by Shure.


The microphone operates in the UHF range, so I think the N9912A (6 GHz) is adequate for this application.


In your opinion, what option packages should I consider when purchasing/renting the baseline N9912A to enable me to capture this type of intermittent event in the UHF range? (RTSA? Interference Analyzer? Trigger on an external audio event?)


Appreciate any guidance you can give me.




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