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Install VEE Pro 9.33 Issues?

Question asked by Shakin97 on Feb 11, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2020 by Stan Bischof

I just got a new laptop with WIN10 as WIN7 is no longer being supported.
I have been using VEE Pro 9.3 from a CD on my previous machines with no issue, however, I keep getting a couple different errors trying to install the 9.33 version from Keysights' webpage.

I guess my main issue is as soon as you close the "Tip of the Day", I get an error that the VEE install is corrupted.

Might have something to do with Matlab script engine as when I do a simple x=A+B in the matlab script window.

Anyone else having issues with WIN10?  Is there additional files needed outside of IO Libraries (mine is 18.1) and connection expert?