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itemdef.ael not found while trying to place a SmithChart smart component

Question asked by adsuser101 on Feb 6, 2020

I am trying to do a two element matching. When I try to place a SmithChart component into my schematic, I get the following warning: 

WARNING: [..]ads_work_kangaroo/%D0X0.07FFC1F1B057P-1022_(null)mith hart%Match_cell_1/itemdef.ael
AEL file not found


P.S. The [..] is just to hide some details. 


And then when I place the component, and bring up the Smith Chart tool, I get an error:


(smithdg.ael line 11175, column 13)
Parameter 1 of fputs is NULL.
Expected "file".


How do I fix this?