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Replacement of faulty mixers with external mixers (Fundamental configuration))

Question asked by Zee on Feb 7, 2020

I have an old E8363B with 080,81,83, H11, UNL options. i troubleshoot it according to its service manual, three of mixers are faulty and support is no longer available. i fixed two passive mixer 6-18GHz using external LO/RF and IF. it works well within 6-18GHz with the compromise of 30dB in dynamic range.

now the question is 

1. can i use any available (active or passive) mixer that covers my desired bandwidth?if so please suggest some mixers.   i can use an LNA /attenuator to match LO power. this configuration will be nearly like "Fundamental configuration" i-e external mixers configuration 

2. this VNA uses third harmonic beyond 20GHz, will this configuration measure 18-22GHz in one sweep?